Application of stainless steel profiles in steel structure

Stainless steel structures are often referred to as structural steel, such as H-beam, track steel, I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, square steel, etc. 

H-beam is generally called H-beam, that is, its cross-sectional shape is similar to H-beam. H-beam steel is a cost-effective section steel in structural construction because its cross-sectional area distribution is very optimized, and the strength and weight ratio is very reasonable. If you look closely at the section steel, you will find that all the parts of the section steel are formed at right angles, which can make the section steel have strong bending and torsion resistance in the transverse. Due to its simple structure, convenient production and installation, and light weight, it has been widely used not only in industry, but also in commercial buildings. Section steels are often used in columns, brackets, and other places that are subjected to more vertical forces.

The I-beam section shape is a complete I-beam, so it is called I-beam. In addition, the flange of the I-beam gradually thins from the root to the edge, thus forming an angle. Models of normal and light I-beams are represented as waist height multiplied by leg width and then waist thickness. I-beams can also be represented by models, such as 16#, 20 35; , 25ţ I-beam, which means that the waist height of I-beam is 160mm, 200mm, 250mm respectively, but the same waist height I-beam may have different flanges and cannot be distinguished. According to national regulations, A, B, C are added after the model to indicate the different thicknesses of the flange. I-beams are generally used in bridges, crane tracks, beams and other places with high shear stress. 

The cross-section of the channel steel is shaped like a pair of halves and looks like the original pig trough. Don't underestimate this channel steel. It has a lot of features! Channel steel can be used to fix section steel, but also to fix section steel and section steel, section steel and I-beam, I-beam and I-beam. When making ducts, it can be used to fix and support ducts or as stiffeners. Due to the relatively light quality of channel steel in structural steel and the low production cost, Yutu is widely used, so it has not been very popular in industry. 

Square steel is steel with a square section. Square steel can be divided into seamless square steel and seamless square steel. Seamless square steel is produced by welded steel plate, while seamless square steel is produced by cold-drawn seamless pipe. The mechanical properties of seamless square steel are better than seamless square steel, but the manufacturing cost is higher.

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